Vietnam market entry

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10 Vietnam consumer market trends 2016 impacting purchase priorities

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For any travelers wishing to visit Vietnam, checking the information about Vietnam visa requirements should be the first thing on their travel plan checklist.

Vietnam is not a market for inexperienced exporters or firms that do not have a well-established export department or business development unit.

U.S. companies preparing to enter the Vietnamese market must plan strategically and be persistent and consistent with face-to-face follow-up. A successful market entry demands more than just research and analysis.

The perfect combination of local expertise and a strong network of experts and decision makers in Vietnam are crucial for your business success. About entry decisions of 3 corporations in Vietnam.


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Overland Border Crossings. The Thai crossing at Poipet is the most accessible to Siem Reap; the Thai crossing at Koh Kong and the Vietnamese crossings at Prek Chak and Phnom Den give international access to southern Cambodia; and the Vietnamese crossings at Moc Bai and Chau Doc are most convenient to Phnom Penh.

Vietnam market entry
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