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Turkcell is a converged telecommunication and technology services provider, founded and headquartered in Turkey. It serves its customers with voice, data, TV and value-added consumer and enterprise services on mobile and fixed networks.

Apple Footer. These carriers have certified their LTE network on iPhone to meet basic standards. Carriers not listed may also offer LTE for iPhone.

Reval is the leading, global provider of cloud treasury software.

Onebip takes home the 2014 Turkcell Award

Our scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution helps more than companies around the world to better manage cash, liquidity, financial risk and hedge accounting. Together, our team of finance and technology experts services our global client community, including companies of all sizes and industries from over 30 countries.

Neomobile’s Onebip mobile payment service takes home its 2 nd big win at the Turkcell Technology Summit in Istanbul, Turkey!. Neomobile’s Onebip mobile payment service was awarded the prestigious Turkcell Award for the “Best Mobile Payment and Finance solution.” at an Award ceremony that took place during the Turkcell Technology Summit in Istanbul, Turkey yesterday, November 13,

Turkcell marketing
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Neomobile Wins Best Mobile Payment Solution in Turkey