Pike place market history

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History of the Pike Place Market

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The boundaries of the historical district – creating a small area where buildings cannot be demolished – were established in Novemberby the Pike Place Referendum (more officially called Initiative number 1) on the ballot.

62% of Seattleites chose to save Pike Place Market and establish the historical. On August 17th,the public market at Pike Place opened—and stories are told of vendors selling out within minutes. Within the first week of the market’s existence, it had exploded to over 70 wagons and became the busiest corner in the city.

The best short history of the Pike Place Market is written by Braiden Rex-Johnson, a Friend of the Market.

The above entry is from her edition of the popular “ Pike Place Market Cookbook,” published by Seattle’s Sasquatch Books.

With more than a century of history, Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating farmers market in the country and one of Seattle’s most popular draws.

The market lures visitors and locals alike (we’re talking 10 million people per year) with its farm-fresh produce, butcher-paper clad bouquets, abundance of shops, restaurants. Seattle's Pike Place Market, with its familiar neon-lit clock and brass pig, is a renowned landmark, attracting millions of tourists and locals every year.

Although its historic, cultural, and social value is rarely underestimated at the beginning of the twenty-first century, it was not ever thus.

Market History

The Pike Place Market Historical Commission was established by the ordinance that created the Pike Place Market Historical District in The Commission is responsible for making decisions on all use and design changes in the Market to assure that the historic character of the Market is preserved.

Pike place market history
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