Marketing strategy of micromax mobile

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Micromax Mobile Essay Sample

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Nokia Asha – Market Leader redoakpta.comg Rex – Market Challenger Nokia Asha series smartphones offer better gaming, music, Internet and social.

Oppo, Vivo & Gionee gain significant market share at the cost of Samsung, Micromax & Intex

“Micromax needs to diversify geographically and also needs to diversify product lines,” said Neil Mawston, executive director of the global wireless practice at London-based research consultancy Strategy Analytics.

Micromax’s strong focus on marketing has mainly been centered upon their smartphone brand Canvas. The brand even went to the extent of making Hugh Jackman the face of the Canvas Range. And Canvas has been a successful brand for the company.

Feb 05,  · Brawn, Brain, Strategy and Micromax. Starting as a mobile instrument player, Micromax has moved vertically and horizontally in the market- space of its origin. Its quest of growth has found expression in its expansion into adjacent space of tablet market (Funbook).

Mircomax is a case of marketing strategy innovation. It is an. Marketing StrategyOur marketing strategy is to improve the visibility in the urban markets by improvingawareness of customers for our products and also building brand redoakpta.comt StrategyOn the product side, Micromax has a wide range of phones with different features and thusoffering variety to the customers.

Initially the marketing strategy of Micromax was to target rural market. They are basically catering to the need of the customers of the rural area.

Micromax: A Lesson In Pitfalls Of The Indian Smartphone Industry

For example the first mobile Micromax introduced in rural area was having the battery backup of 30 days which was catering to the need of the rural market of inconsistent power availability.

Marketing strategy of micromax mobile
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