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Marketing Plan Surf Excel

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Discussion Question 1 & 2 Week 1. Questions 1 & 2 The Ron Jon Surf Shop is similar to the Hilo Hattie website is the sense that they both sale beach wear for men, women, and young children.

They both are sunny beach wear type online stores to sale retail as well as other products. Surf Excel believes in the unique philosophy that “dirt is good”. Surf Excel believes that getting dirty is an essential part of a child’s development; It’s how children learn, express their creativity, and even bolster their immune system.

SURF EXCEL: THE BRAND Launched in as „Surf‟, it was the first detergent powder in India Surf Excel underwent various changes in its Brand Communication Infollowing the launch of Ariel,Surf became, Surf Ultra In ,Surf redefined itself by launching Surf Excel Inthe base variant Surf was re-launched as, Surf Excel Blue.

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Marketing Planning Gilligan & Wilson (), define marketing planning as logically establishing of marketing objectives and formulating plans to achieve them. This involves an elaborate plan researched and detailed to evaluate results of past marketing decisions, create future goals, and to obtain funds to pursue new business ventures.

A budget is a crucial part of any marketing plan. It gives a clear overview of all the costs associated with carrying out your marketing activities, including advertising, online content, branding, public relations, staffing costs and more.

Marketing plan for surf excel
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