Marketing mix for charity organisation

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Water Conservation: Campaigns That Inspire Us To Save Water

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Why should your organisation embrace digital?

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The Charity Commission

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Business Management and Marketing - BA (Hons)

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With the growth of online activity in many areas of life, outstanding digital marketing competency is needed across all business sectors. On this CIM and IDM - approved and accredited programme, developed in consultation with our industry partners, you will.

The University of Plymouth's BSc (Hons) Marketing degree course, like our students, continuously adapts to changes and reflects the issues of our time, as one of the first marketing degrees established in the UK, this course has deep industry ties.

CP/PL ACTION CHALLENGE "There are over eighty adventures across the UK, Europe and overseas that you can sign up to now. On most, you can fundraise for a charity of your choice and help others, or just do it for yourself and take on a new challenge!

Glen King PR & Marketing, based in Exeter, provides PR consultancy for brands primarily throughout Exeter, Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. Peter Beard is a respected public relations, media and marketing professional with more than 30 years has worked in state government, local government and the private sector in a wide range of marketing and communications roles.

Marketing mix for charity organisation
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