Is marketing art or science

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Marketing: The Art And The Science

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There are two sides to marketing, art and science.

Art versus science: getting the balance right in marketing

Traditionally, marketing was all about the creative process, the art. And I love the art—the hip commercials, the comedy, the animated graphics. The combination of art and science can result in a very effective campaigns, but despite whatever data you collect and no matter how brilliantly creative your ideas are, the end customer is always of greatest importance when developing your marketing strategy.

On one hand, marketing is about creating, appreciating, and inviting a change in mindset to garner better results. On the other hand, marketing requires measurement and analysis, two words closely associated with science. So, which is it? Marketing As Art. One of the biggest aspects of marketing is understanding human behavior.

Marketing As Art One of the biggest aspects of marketing is understanding human behavior. When we create buyer personas, we consider all the things that make people so amazing. this is a good article written on the debate whether marketing is an art or science.

i think that marketing in the early years was an art and at present it is also been looked as a science.

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If you don't know if you're doing a science project or an art project, you'll probably emphasize the wrong elements. If you go to school to study marketing and the blowhard professor acts like she's teaching you science, you'll waste a lot of time trying to apply taxonomy and hypotheses to something that is essentially a gut decision.

Is marketing art or science
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