Intensive selective and exclusive market exposure

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Intensive, Selective, and Exclusive Distribution Strategies

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Market Exposure & Promotion

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Mkc1 Exam Contemporary Marketing: Chapter 11, 13, 15, 19

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B. Intensive distribution C.

Types of Distribution: Intensive, Selective and Exclusive Distribution

Exclusive distribution D. Ideal market exposure E. None of the above Answer: (A) Selective distribution occurs when a company only sells through middlemen who will give the product special attention; consequently, (A) is the correct answer. Intensive distribution (B) occurs when a company sells a product through all.

A. Selective exposure. B. Selective learning. C. Selective retention. D. Selective attention. Intermediaries are needed MOST when the desired degree of market exposure is: A. selective. B. intensive. C. exclusive. D. administered. E. None of these is a good answer. A sales representative for Xerox always begins her sales presentation by.

Selective often moves to intensive as market grows Exclusive distribution sometimes makes sense MULTICHANNEL DISTRIBUTION—(sometimes called DUAL DISTRIBUTION) when a producer uses several competing channels to reach the same target market--perhaps using several middlemen in addition to selling directly.

The first thing you should do when forming a marketing plan is define the structure in which it will be presented. The structure of the plan should allow the presentation of strategic information.

Organizations/retailers have three options for distribution intensity: intensive distribution, selective distribution, or exclusive distribution. Then select an example of a. Coverage includes potential levels of distribution coverage or intensity of distribution to reach target markets including intensive or mass distribution, selective distribution and exclusive distribution.

Intensive selective and exclusive market exposure
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